Stop the WebRTC leak in Chrome 42+

Want to protect your real IP address when using a VPN and Chrome, fix the WebRTC leak now !

Head to Leak test now and check if the page is displaying your real IP address or your local ones.

If so, there is now a way to protect this leak from happening in Chrome 42+.

  • Open chrome://version/ in your URL bar and copy the Profile Path value
  • Close all instances of Chrome. mandatory
  • In the finder or in Windows Explorer, navigate to the Profile Path folder
  • Open the Preferences file with your favorite text editor
  • At the bottom of the file, add the new option below :
"webrtc": {
   "multiple_routes_enabled": false

Don't forget to add a `,` at the end of the previous line to respect json syntax.

Save the file and restart Chrome. Retry the Leak test. Your IP should now be hidden.