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Random thoughts about eCommerce & Magento, Symfony, privacy & sysadmin.

Director of Pre-Sales at Bordeaux, France.

This blog is accessible through Tor on http://drwkoc5lok6lhwsn.onion/.

mysqldump all databases except ...

Reading time: 0 minutes, 37 seconds mysql dump

Avoid exporting mysql, test or any database in a mysql server dump.

Laravel 4 : 1103 Incorrect table name '' error while migrating

Reading time: 0 minutes, 45 seconds laravel orm

A quick fix for Laravel 4 database config generating a 1103 Incorrect table name error.

Log Magento debug (messages, objects) in Chrome Web Console

Reading time: 1 minute, 6 seconds magento chrome logging

An homemade Magento plugin for logging anything you want in the Chrome console. a.k.a the Magento's console.log()

Optimize nginx and PHP-FPM (max_children)

Reading time: 2 minutes, 28 seconds nginx fpm

A quick way of calculating the number of children your nginx process should create & handle to avoid a server burnout.

Magento module development with git & vagrant

Reading time: 2 minutes, 35 seconds vagrant sysadmin magento

Short how-to for configuring a Vagrant box dedicated for Magento module development without modman.