Fixing BZT/Taurus interface after November


Written by Guillaume Moigneu

I’ve been using Taurus bzt for quite some time to wrap my jMeter load tests and I unfortunately got quite a surprise this morning trying to get the console to work.


For some reasons, Taurus was displaying some gibberish like (~T~@) on screen and was not even showing the results:


I tried playing with my locale settings for a while but no luck!


While looking at the Support Forum, I stumbled on this message about the Broken atari UI?. And Dina was right, the problem is located on python dependency of Taurus called urwid.

Their November update broke Taurus console. In order to fix this, the best way is to downgrade the urwid package:

$ pip uninstall urwid
$ pip install --upgrade urwid==2.0.1

And here we go, everything working as expected: