Building a SaaS product - 02.Features


Written by Guillaume Moigneu

First article on the serie on how to build a service. This one will be dedicated to lay out the different features we need in our service to provide a real product and fulfill some specific needs.

First, let’s talk about the different personas our service is built for. We will be primarly focusing on companies working with remote employees but we need to handle those that work in a more traditionnal way.

Our tool will be mainly used a something you can share in your one-to-one meetings to track and follow-up on the different tasks and, as a manager, store your feelings and assesment of your team member.

So this seems pretty obvious. We need to have two different roles:

  • Manager that handle a team
  • Team members that is managed by a manager

We need to integrate the fact that a manager can be managed as well by someone else. A “middle” manager will have both roles and both set of features.

Talking about features, here are the ones that we want in our product (every feature is ponderated by importance for our first release)

  • Register account (5)
  • Login/Logout (5)
  • Reset password (5)
  • Invite and manage team members (5)
  • You can review past meetings and notes (5)
  • Schedule meetings (2)
  • Create and provide access to the meeting room (1)
  • Record our meeting notes (5)
  • Track items on a todo-list (4)
  • A todo needs to have: a title, a description, a link, notes and a deadline (4)
  • A top-level manager should have a view access on all the meeting notes and todo-lists (3)
  • The next meeting can be prepared by each person in advance with custom notes (3)
  • Minutes of the meeting are sent by email once the meeting is completed (2)
  • The manager can customize the default meeting minutes
  • Slack reminders (1)

Our goal is to launch a beta project. That means for no, we won’t have any subscription system in place for this first release.