Building a SaaS product - 01.Introduction


Written by Guillaume Moigneu

Building a SaaS product is hard. The goal of this article series is to show you how to build a simple but solid application that fulfils one need. From then you’ll be able to expand its capabilities and your reach. We’ll try to cover all the important technical aspects of it. I’ll leave the market analysis to the experts.

So, that’s an interesting idea. But what will we be building?, the company I’ve been working for for 3 years has a unique differentiation: we are all working remotely. Every single day. As the other teams are growing fast, mine is too. Keeping track of all that is happening is a real challenge.

As a manager, one of my goals were to setup weekly one-to-one with my team members to follow-up on their workload and mood as well.

Why not build a tool to do that? Sure Soapbox is already there but I wanted a tool that anyone could either use as a SaaS or setup themselves if they needed to host their own data. After all, we will be storing secret discussions between employes.

This tool will allow managers and members of a team to track their current tasks and report on the things that have happened to fuel the discussion. It will be using to do some reports on the global performance and satisfaction of the team.

Here is a summary of all the articles from this serie:

  1. Introduction - Done
  2. Scope (main features) of our product. - Done
  3. Choosing a framework - In progress
  4. Bootstraping the project - In progress